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New Junior Baby Earmuffs - Mint Chips


New Junior Baby Earmuffs - Mint Chips


Protecting the ears you love

We live in a very noisy society. From horns honking in traffic, to industrial machinery and loud music at every turn, it can seem almost impossible to protect your baby from a world full of noise.

With loud noises being one of the leading causes of hearing loss in young children, your first priority should be to protect your baby's fragile ears, and the best and most comfortable way of accomplishing this task is with a pair of New Junior baby earmuffs.

Our unique and innovative baby earmuffs have been designed to block out loud noises without the discomfort normal earmuffs may cause. The soft and stretchy fabric, coupled with lining of non-stick silicone, holds them in place without any unnecessary pressure on your baby's soft skull, and because we understand babies are constantly growing, our earmuffs will grow at the same time too!

The New Junior baby earmuffs make the impossible, possible once again, and you can be sure the days of holding back on your favorite activities because of the noise are gone for good.


    • Stretchy headband fabric to prevent unwanted pressure
    • Super soft materials to prevent chaffing and ensure comfort
    • Non-slip silicone for babies who are always on the move
    • Adjustable Velcro tabs that allow for movement as your baby grows
    • Four different designs allow you to mix and match with any outfit     


    • Noise reduction rating of 22db
    • ANSI S3.19-1974 testing approved
    • So small, they will fit in palm of your hand
    • A low weight of 110 grams ensures easy transport
    • Super soft ear cushion pads to protect those tiny and delicate ears

All earmuffs include one headband and a carry bag.

Recommended for Newborn babies to 3 yrs old.