Keep sensitive ears safe

A baby’s tiny ears are fragile and sensitive to sound. Today's world is full of loud noises and harsh environmental sounds. These sounds can damage delicate structures in a baby's inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). To avoid permanent hearing damage, your baby needs protection as it grows and develops. And that's where we come in.

Effortless Protection

New Junior earmuffs will reduce the harmful effects of exposure to loud noises. The cushioned ear pads create a safety barrier between your newborn and the outside world. Lightweight and easily assembled, New Junior baby earmuffs are designed for a large range of indoor and outdoor uses.

Snuggly and Stylish

Our unique light, non-slip patented stretchy headband sits softly on the head without applying any extra pressure like regular earmuffs. Super soft materials prevent chafing and ensure comfort. Plush and supple cushioned ear pads protect with comfort. Seven original designs let you mix and match with your little one's outfit.

Designed For Bubs

Noise Reduction

Protect precious and tiny ears with an impressive noise reduction rating of 22db. Our earmuffs are approved to Global Safety Standards.

Light & Compact

Designed for busy parents on the go. Our baby earmuffs are so small they fit in the palm of your hand and weigh a tiny 110 grams.

Adjustable fit

Soft woven stretchy fabric and adjustable velcro tabs allow you to adapt the fit to suit growing heads. Non-slip silicone for baby's that are always on the move.

Easy to keep clean

Spills and newborns go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod. That’s why our headbands are machine washable. Each pair of New Junior baby earmuffs come with a natural cotton bag for easy transportation and extra protection against unwanted spills.

What our community says

The cutest way to protect precious ears.

Our baby was born with hearing loss so it’s so important for us to have a product that will protect the hearing he has. He loves wearing his New Junior ear muffs. This is him enjoying his first live gig. It’s great to know he’s not going to miss out on events where his hearing could be effected. They are so soft and comfy that he sleeps, laughs and plays with them on.

We took our baby to a conference in Auckland with 4,000 people and lots of noise. Big thanks to New Junior earmuffs, all went well and our baby just kept to her normal sleeping routines and we all had a great time.

My wee one wasn't bothered by the earmuffs at all.  The actual earmuffs and band are very soft so I am sure would be comfy to wear.

Thanks New Junior earmuffs for allowing one of our smallest members of our club to enjoy#FightgirlsNZ

I am a first time mum and these earmuffs are great. I don't have to stay at home or get a babysitter. I can just keep going out to all my noisy events... Brilliant !!!

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