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How to Be a Stay at Home Mom Without Going Crazy

How to Be a Stay at Home Mom Without Going Crazy

Being able to stay home with your children may seem like the ideal lifestyle but to those who don’t know, it can be fraught with monotony as each day seems to simply fade into the next. Being a stay at home mom can easily become a cycle of housework, cooking and kid wrangling to the point where a mom may feel as if she’s about to lose her marbles!

If this sounds like you, don’t fret. There are some easy changes you can make to your life that will help shake things up and kick you out of zombie-mode (or, if you like, mombie-mode).

  1. Find some non-mom outlets.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or not, it is easy to lose yourself in the role of mother and caretaker and forget what it’s like to be the individual known as YOU. It’s important to take time to reconnect with yourself and do the things you enjoy doing. You can start a hobby or a project that takes planning and research whatever gets you in touch with your individualism. You can also take a class or course and learn something new.

  1. Make a routine.

Organize your day with a LOOSE schedule (your kids are going to throw it off anyway with tantrums, bathroom breaks, sudden hunger, etc). At the very least, try to keep meals and naptimes consistent. Also, plan any activities or outings the night before and work them around that eating/sleeping schedule.

  1. Get out and about.

Speaking of activities and outings you need to get out. Don’t hibernate (this will only lead to more craziness). Go to the library, play groups, parks, the beach or a playground which are all fun and free activities.

  1. Socialize with other adults.

You need to speak with big people. This is crucial for any mother to retain her sanity. Make time with your friends, have a date night with your partner or even take your children to playgroups and activities that will allow you the opportunity to chat with other parents.

  1. Get up in the morning.

We all wake up in the morning, but do we really get up in the morning? You should get up, get showered, brush your teeth, tidy the house and have a good breakfast. Why? Because you are less likely to feel lazy and spend the whole day in your pajamas. Are pajama days horrible? No, not when you have them every once and a while.

Being a stay at home mom is not a life sentence to some, it is an absolute blessing. However, it can drive one nuts if she feels she is living in the movie Groundhog Day. Organize your time, get out and give yourself a chance to be yourself. You’ll notice your life regaining some of its former sanity.


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